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softacalous Blank Screen cPanel/WHM

While trying to access softacalous from WHM > Plugins >

I was just getting White Screen

The tried disabling and enabling ioncube loader from WHM > Tweak Settings,

However the issue persisted

So I went ahead and reinstalled using below steps

the Softaculous folder here:


root@server1 [/usr/local/cpanel]# rm -rf /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/softaculous

root@server1 [/usr/local/cpanel]# wget -N
–2017-07-25 12:03:36–
Connecting to||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 4920 (4.8K) [application/x-sh]
Saving to: `’

100%[==================================================================================================================================================================>] 4,920 –.-K/s in 0s

2017-07-25 12:03:36 (279 MB/s) – `’ saved [4920/4920]

root@server1 [/usr/local/cpanel]# chmod 755


Welcome to Softaculous Apps Installer

ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/paper_lantern/softaculous/enduser’: File exists
ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/x3/softaculous/enduser’: File exists
// 1) CONFIGURING universal.php
// 3) UPDATING Categories
// 4) UPDATING Scripts List
// 5) UPDATING Installed Scripts List

Syntax OK

Now softaculous is working fine


Cloudflare with Engintron

We had a issue where domain which is using cloudflare and server had engintron those domains were not working correctly

Engintron does support Cloudflare . There are few custom rules which needs to be setup from

WHM > Plugin > Emgintron  > Edit your custom_rules for Nginx

For domains which have dedicated IP below is the rule which needs to be added

if ($host ~ “”) {


Where you need to set right domain name and  right IP associated with domain


If using a shared IP address below is the rule that needs to be added in

Edit yourcustom_rules for Nginx and add below statement


Where you need to set shared IP in above example





mysqldump: Got error: 1017: Can’t find file: ‘wp_wfBadLeechers’ (errno: 2) when using LOCK TABLES

While making full backup of mysql using below command we got error

mysqldump: Got error: 1017: Can’t find file: ‘wp_wfBadLeechers’ (errno: 2) when using LOCK TABLES

# mysqldump –all-databases > /backup/all_databases.sql

The issue was due to some corrupt tables

Below is the fix used for  making a full dump of database ignoring error

mysqldump –skip-lock-tables -f –all-databases > /backup/all_databases.sql

Mysql backup was completed ignoring the corrupt tables.






Your server’s MySQL/MariaDB RPM target is set to “unmanaged”. cPanel

Was getting this error while trying to upgrade mysql in WHM/cPanel,

Your server’s MySQL/MariaDB RPM target is set to “unmanaged”. You cannot use the MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade feature while your server is in this state.

The issue was due to entry in file /var/cpanel/rpm.versions.d/local.versions set mysql to unmanaged

Went ahead and set it to managed and was able to upgrade mysql from WHM without any issues




One of the client was getting error while accessing Dell IPMi

Secure Connection Failed

The connection to was interrupted while the page was loading.

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

The issue can be resolved using below steps

By executing below commands in server via cli

SSH to concerned server  and reset IPMI using

yum install OpenIPMI OpenIPMI-tools

modprobe ipmi_msghandler

modprobe ipmi_devintf

modprobe ipmi_si

ipmitool  mc reset cold

This fixed the issue.


error connection dropped by imap server. query capability

Was getting the error for squirrel mail on cpanel server

On Investigating could see issue was in Dovecot

Below is the fix I used

It’s possible that this can be rectified by increasing “Maximum Size of a Mail Process (MB)” under
Main >> Service Configuration >> Mailserver Configuration in WHM.

Once I did it the squirrel mail start working like a charm 🙂