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adminbin Cpanel/cpmysql/DBCACHE: exit 11

Currently aware of an issue when updating to MariaDB 10.3.26 or MariaDB 10.2.35. Which causes MySQL Databases interface within cPanel to display invalid errors such as, but not limited to: “The MySQL server is currently offline”.

While the error in cPanel may indicate that the MySQL service is offline, it is an issue with grants and MySQL is just inaccessible for the cPanel user. We do recommend checking the service directly to confirm that it is online – in the cases, we have seen MySQL is still online.

You may temporarily resolve the issue by downgrading to the previous minor version of MariaDB using the steps outlined

Follow below steps

yum downgrade MariaDB-server MariaDB-common MariaDB-shared MariaDB-client MariaDB-compat MariaDB-devel

If your server has not yet been affected by the issue, we recommend yum-locking the MariaDB packages in place to avoid the package from being updated. This can be completed by executing the following:

yum install -y yum-plugin-versionlock && yum versionlock MariaDB-* 

And restart mysql to resolve the issue