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File Manager Permission in cPanel

Having issues with cpanel Filemanager where you can write on a file with 444 permissions ? The issue is with X3 theme
. You need to modify below line in file

vi  /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/x/files/changeperm.html

And see if you see the line:

change it to  without space




Error from Park wrapper: Sorry, you do not control the domain

Are you getting below error ??

Unable to remove add-on domain from cPanel – Error from Park wrapper: Sorry, you do not control the domain

Remove the entries for the domain from the following files.
/var/cpanel/users/username                                                                                        Run Script — /scripts/updateuserdomains
/scripts/killdns  domain.db
 /var/cpanel/userdata/username – Remove the parked domain folders                                               /var/cpanel/userdate/username/main




Change the time zone for my webmail?

If you want to change the timezone for your webmail as per your region onn your server, please follow the below steps:

1. Log into SquirrelMail/Horde/Roundcube webmail client with the user that you would like to change the time zone for.

2. Access the following option:

In SquirrelMail:
Click on “Options” ->  “Personal Information”
In Horde:
Click on “Options” -> “Global Options” -> on”Locale and Time”

In Roundcube:

Click on “Settings” -> “User Interface”

3. Select the timezone you need.



/bin/rm invalid number of arguments

Getting error in invalid number of arguments when deleting large number of files in directory ?

The error is due to bash shell has a limit of 2621440 to the number of arguments you can pass to a command.  This can be verified by,

[root@hostab ~]# getconf ARG_MAX

Solution to this problem is to use the find command along with xargs,

cd  to the directory where you want to delete files and run below command

find . -name ‘*’ |xargs rm


Repair table in Virtualizor

Facing issues in Virtualizor for database crash ? The mysql library is not located in normal  /var/lib/mysql it located in /usr/local/emps/bin/

To repair database you need to use below command

[root@hostabc.virtualizor]# /usr/local/emps/bin/myisamchk -r *.MYI

Once completed all things should back to normal 🙂


Remove spaces between words

You may have comes across situation where you have to manually edit a single file using excel or words to remove the space between words which is taking consuming and Boring 🙂

The below command can do the trick in one command to save your day


cat 116.txt | sed -e ‘s/[\t ]//g;/^$/d’  > test12

116.txt is the input file which has spaces between words

sed -e ‘s/[\t ]//g;/^$/d’  is the command to clear space in words