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Emails going to Spam folder issue

We do get complaints of emails going to spam folder most of the times while working.

The solution to such a issues depends on 3 things

  1. rdns for the IP address and matching A record for the domain name in question.
  2. Need to setup right SPF
  3. Need to setup right DKIM

a) To setup SPF for a domain name can use tool http://www.spfwizard.net/

b) For DKIm you can use tool  from Socketslab

Domain Key / DKIM Generation Wizard

for DKIm you can use key name as key1 or domain1 or any random words

c) Once done you can check whether its valid or not using a vaiidator


For validitor you need to send email to email ID shown on screen and check once done click on show results

Where it will show if set  DKIM and spf are valid or not